Marie Guigue

Originally from France, Marie brings 20 years of experience in the special event industry. Having worked with the leading environmental design and event production firm Van Wyck & Van Wyck for many years she does her own thing now.
She worked in production and design nationally and internationally on both intimate and large scale multi million dollars projects. She has ample expertise in production and design as well as in food services. Marie has style in her bones, combining her natural instincts with extensive experience.

Guillermo Creus

Guillermo is an artist, designer and independent curator. Originally from Argentina, he grew up in Brazil and came to the New York to pursue graduate studies in visual arts at Columbia University. He has been involved with the New York  arts scene since. Looking for a change of pace, Guillermo acquired an old diary barn with 5 acres of land in 2007, starting a full redesign project that lead to Hayloft. Today, Hayloft is a new blank canvas for this artist and designer to share with the world: as an outstanding event space, artist retreat, design lab and  countryside residence.